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Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Tenerife, discovering the splendor, heritage, and gastronomy of the island with Cycling Holidays Tenerife.

Hey, my name is Klemen and I am the manager of Tenerife Cycling Holidays.

I’m delighted to share that I belong to one of the rapidly expanding cycling holiday enterprises in Europe. Our enthusiasm for crafting memorable cycling adventures has directed us to concentrate on Tenerife, an island we genuinely cherish for its outstanding cycling possibilities.

Anaga Rural park, view from El Bailadero viewpoint towards villages of Azanos and Taganana in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.
Anaga Rural Park

Tenerife is the perfect spot for winter cycling, enabling cyclists of all skill levels to savour its stunning landscapes and enchanting towns. We are convinced that the amalgamation of Tenerife’s breathtaking natural scenery, well-paved cycling routes, and distinctive cultural experiences make it a leading choice for cycling aficionados.

A Destination Offering Boundless Possibilities for Cycling Vacations.

Every time I set out on a cycling adventure in Tenerife, I’m captivated by the remarkable diversity this island has to offer. From the vantage point of a bike, one can witness a breathtaking array of landscapes unfolding with every pedal stroke.

Masca Village in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
Masca Village

And it’s not just the terrain that makes Tenerife a dream destination for cycling enthusiasts. The island’s rich history, culture, and cuisine add a unique flavor to every cycling holiday experience. From the winding roads of the interior to the breathtaking coastal routes, each region of Tenerife possesses its own distinct character, traditions, and culinary delights to explore and indulge in.

So whether you’re a leisurely rider or embarking on a family adventure, Tenerife presents limitless possibilities for cycling holidays that seamlessly blend the best of nature, culture, and cuisine. From the majestic peaks of Mount Teide to the rolling hills of Anaga, let Tenerife Cycling Holidays be your trusted guide on a journey of discovery and exhilaration through one of the most beautiful and vibrant cycling destinations in the world.

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Embark on unforgettable cycling holidays in Tenerife, where winter bliss meets exhilarating bike tours. Explore stunning landscapes and create lasting memories in this cycling paradise.
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